The Upanishads (Paperback)

The Upanishads By Alistair Shearer, Peter Russell Cover Image

The Upanishads (Paperback)


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The Upanishads are key texts of the ageless wisdom known as the Perennial Philosophy.

This lucid new translation presents selections from the eleven traditionally considered the most important: the Māṇḍūkya, Kena, Chāndogya, Īsha, Brihadāranyaka, Taittirīya, Mundaka, Kaushītaki, Maitrī, Katha and Shvetāshvatara.

Each selection is preceded by an incisive introduction that explains simply and clearly Sanskrit terms and yogic concepts that might otherwise be obscure. What emerges is that these writings, composed in the forest retreats of India some twenty-five centuries ago, address still vital questions about the nature and destiny of humankind and the consequences of disregarding the natural order and the greater whole.

This vibrant revisioning of long-established classics offers both insight and inspiration to anyone who seeks the truth, whatever their chosen path.

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Publisher: White Crow Books
Publication Date: February 15th, 2022
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