Freedom of the Will (Paperback)

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Freedom of the Will (Paperback)


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Jonathan Edwards was a leading Christian revivalist of the 18th century: in this book, he explains how God repairs and redeems the flaws of humankind by being an extension of the human being's free will.

A superb and evocative treatise, Edwards draws on his knowledge of both theology and philosophy to deliver a convincing examination of the human soul. Many poignant questions about the nature of the human being, the definition of sin, and the relationship of liberty with morality. Overarching his discourse is God, whose ever-watching and all-knowing essence permeates the behavior of humankind, placing just constraints upon behavior.

Edwards argues that God's divine will is a necessary and inseparable part of what it is to be human, it shapes and guides the very destiny of individuals. The reasoning of man pales in comparison to the essential truths of God's will in relation to morality and will. The convincing demonstrations of the author, supported by references to scripture, served to cement this book's place as a classic of early Christian literature in North America.

Today, Jonathan Edwards is renowned as one of the most prominent churchmen of his time, his tireless writing and preaching strengthening the Christianity of the colonies that would become the United States.

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