The Greatest Risotto Handbook: Become a Resotto Expert with These 100 Delicious Recipes (Paperback)

The Greatest Risotto Handbook: Become a Resotto Expert with These 100 Delicious Recipes By Lulu White Cover Image

The Greatest Risotto Handbook: Become a Resotto Expert with These 100 Delicious Recipes (Paperback)


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How to make a risotto

The base of risotto is incredibly simple, just

finely chopped onion which is gently cooked

in butter or oil until softened. The rice is

then tossed and toasted with the onions and

the fat to heat the grains of rice before the

liquid is added.

Wine and stock give the rice most of its

flavour so use a decent white wine (one that

you'd happily drink the rest of the bottle).

If you have homemade stock that is ideal

but don't worry if not. There are loads of

good quality ready-made stock and stock

bases to try. It's best to keep the stock at a

low simmer before adding as this helps keep

the cooking of the rice even as the

temperature isn't constantly dropping.

Finishing the risotto properly is really

important. Once the rice is cooked (it should

still have a little bite but not be chalky)

grated parmesan and butter is beaten in,

then the risotto is left to sit for 2 minutes

to let all of the Ingredients meld together.

How to stir risotto

The constant stirring we associate with

risotto happens for a reason. This stirring

means the rice grains rub against each other

which helps release the starch from the

grains into the stock for that classic oozy

finish. It's best to use a wide, deep frying or

saut pan for this as it means you can keep

the rice moving and the wide surface gives

the liquid a chance to evaporate evenly.

Which risotto rice to use

Risotto uses a short grain rice from Italy.

The three most common varieties are

Arborio, carnaroli and vialone nano which are

used depending on the region. Risotto rice

has a certain character which means when

cooked it keeps its shape but releases a lot

of starch from the surface so once melded

with liquid gives the classic creamy risotto


How much risotto rice to use

You will need between 50-75g of rice per

person depending on whether you are serving

a small bowl as a starter or a larger main


To Ensure Perfect Risotto:

 Use Arborio rice and never wash it.

 Use a wide, heavy-bottom pot. Never

cover the pot.

 Your risotto is only as good as the stock

you use, so make sure it's rich and

flavorful. Non-vegetarians can

experiment with check and beef stocks.

 Add the stock one ladle at a time. Don't

let the liquid in the pan totally evaporate

before you add more. Keep the heat

under the rice at medium and the liquid

at a quick simmer.

 Keep a pot of stock simmering on a back

burner and add a ladle each time the rice

appears to have absorbed most of the

liquid. You probably won't use all the

stock called for in each recipe, but it's

better to heat extra stock than to run

the risk of not having enough.

 Stir frequently, especially when the rice

is nearly done. However, there's no need

to stand in front of the pot and stir

continuously while the risotto is cooking.

 The rice should be firm but tender, with

no hard center core.

 Remove the risotto from the heat as

soon as it's cooked. Serve immediately.

With a little bit of know-how (and some

soothing, meditative stirring), a creamy,

umami-rich risotto with perfectly cooked

rice is guaranteed. Here's how to master

this classic dish and make our best seafood


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