The Tortoise Fair (Tales from Fern Hollow) (Hardcover)

The Tortoise Fair (Tales from Fern Hollow) By John Patience, John Patience (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Tortoise Fair (Tales from Fern Hollow) (Hardcover)

By John Patience, John Patience (Illustrator)


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A picture book from the ever-popular Tales from Fern Hollow series of 17 titles, richly illustrated in traditional style, for ages 3-93. Now back in print from the author/illustrator's (John Patience) own imprint, Talewater Press, this edition, published in 2021, contains the same story and illustrations as the original version.

In this story:

When the Tortoise Fair comes to Fern Hollow it brings fun and excitement for all the village's inhabitants, especially young Monty and Tugger who decide to stow away in the caravan when it leaves

"Early one morning an old tortoise appeared in Fern Hollow. He was dressed in a colourful costume and was pasting up posters. Tugger and Monty read the posters with great excitement:

"The Tortoise Fair. Coming to Fern Hollow Tomorrow."

"Monty and Tugger loved fairs and the Tortoise himself was a very interesting animal. He said his name was Pablo and he told them stories about all the wonderful places he had visited. "Like all tortoises," he said, "I take my house around with me. Yes indeed, it's a travelling life for me. A travelling life in a painted caravan."

Fern Hollow is a wonderful place to live. Ask Professor Sigmund Swamp or old Brock Gruffy to tell you about their lovely little village and they will talk all day and yet hardly have begun. They will tell you that Fern Hollow nestles at the foot of the trees of Windy Wood and that through the village runs the sparkling ribbon of the River Ferny. The animals of Fern Hollow are all good friends and neighbours, and if you are a stranger they will make you feel at home in next to no time.

This is one of the stories from original series three of the 17 titles in the 1980s modern classic Tales from Fern Hollow series. This gentle story, written and illustrated by John Patience, has eight detailed, colourful and cheerful double-page spreads depicting the animal characters of the village of Fern Hollow, tucked away somewhere in the English countryside of the early twentieth-century. As the inhabitants of Fern Hollow go about their daily lives, there are small adventures to enjoy and little mishaps to overcome. Everyone lends a helping hand and there's always a happy ending - and usually a feast for everyone to share in celebration.

The map on the endpapers helps children find their way around the village and appears in every single title in the Fern Hollow series. Children really love the map and enjoy pointing out where all their favourite Fern Hollow Characters live and all the stories take place.

These stories of animal folk have an enduring charm. A generation of people who had the Fern Hollow stories read to them as children have now grown up and are buying the books to read with their own children, nieces and nephews. Parents who read the books with their children back in the 1980s are now enjoying them all over again with their grandchildren.

The charming Fern Hollow stories have remained popular since they were first published in 1980.

Product Details ISBN: 9781838449889
ISBN-10: 1838449884
Publisher: Talewater Press
Publication Date: December 7th, 2021
Pages: 26
Language: English
Series: Tales from Fern Hollow