Imperial Japanese Navy Submarines 1941–45 (New Vanguard) (Paperback)

The Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II possessed the most technologically advanced and varied submarine fleet in the world. Ranging from the largest pre-nuclear submarines in the world to manned torpedoes, with the fastest combat vessels and midget submarines operating alongside craft capable of carrying floatplane bombers, the fleet should have been an awe-inspiring and highly effective force. Yet, despite playing a crucial scouting role and being equipped with the best torpedoes available, the Japanese submarine fleet was surprisingly ineffective.

With unique color plates, Mark Stille highlights the technical details of this diverse fleet, including the design successes and operational errors as well as investigating the underlying causes behind the failures of one of the greatest naval forces in the Pacific.

Mark Stille is the author of numerous Osprey titles focusing on naval history in the Pacific. He recently concluded a nearly 40-year career in the intelligence community, including tours on the faculty of the Naval War College, on the Joint Staff and on US Navy ships. He received his BA in History from the University of Maryland and also holds an MA from the Naval War College.
Product Details ISBN: 9781846030901
ISBN-10: 1846030900
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Publication Date: June 19th, 2007
Pages: 48
Language: English
Series: New Vanguard
“This new book from Osprey packs a large amount of reference information in its 48 pages, taking the I and RO series IJN submarines, and explaining each vessels specifications in separate 'gray block' style charts, for each vessel discussed.” —Mark Smith, Model Shipwrights (June 2007)