The Philosopher's Tarot (Cards)

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The Philosopher's Tarot (Cards)


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The Philosopher’s Tarot is a mashup of the original classic Rider-Waite tarot with eminent philosophers, intellectuals, and revolutionaries of history. This deck infuses the mystery of cards with renowned archetypes of the intellect offering a confluence of contemplations.

Let your love of fate go beyond the cards—and as far as the amor fati of Nietzsche! The Philosophers Tarot is chance’s tryst with reason: a marriage of philosophy’s conceptual creativity with the tarot’s path of intuition. Read your spreads in the traditional manner, or delve deeply into the rich philosophical implications that emerge with every draw. While every tarot deck seeks to lift the veil from the forces of the universe, The Philosopher’s Tarot does so by gesturing towards the wisdom of history’s most notable sages.
The Philosopher’s Tarot
is a tarot deck which infuses the classic 78 card Rider-Waite deck with popular philosophical figures and their theoretical creativity. With added flair and vibrance, The Philosopher’s Tarot elicits a mixture of classical interpretations and philosophical inquiry. The deck comprises mashups of the 22 major arcana with famous theorists. The minor arcana has also been reworked to highlight the deck’s convergence with philosophical themes. 

New spreads also engage the tarot’s capacity to reveal fresh perspectives to its user whilst invoking stimulating questions about the nature of reality, the machinations of the world we live in, and the limits of our minds and bodies. The Philosopher’s Tarot includes new renditions of the traditional 78 tarot cards and a 35-page booklet that briefly introduces the ideas of thinkers featured in the deck.
Sereptie is the moniker of Craig Laubach, producer and host of the podcasts Acid Horizon and Inner Experience. The designs featured in the deck were originally conceived for Crit Drip, a philosophy themed merchandise web shop. Craig also produces online content for Zer0 Books.  Sereptie is also the name of Craig’s ambient lo-fi musical project, whose first major release Wash debuted in 2020. Craig and the members of Acid Horizon are currently working on collaborative concept text of political philosophy for Repeater Books.
Product Details ISBN: 9781914420917
ISBN-10: 1914420918
Publisher: Repeater
Publication Date: November 8th, 2022
Pages: 144
Language: English