The Sacred Secretion, Your Complete Guide to Kundalini Energy, Christ Oil, Alchemy and the Monthly Seed (Paperback)

The Sacred Secretion, Your Complete Guide to Kundalini Energy, Christ Oil, Alchemy and the Monthly Seed By Kelly-Marie Kerr Cover Image

The Sacred Secretion, Your Complete Guide to Kundalini Energy, Christ Oil, Alchemy and the Monthly Seed (Paperback)


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The Sacred Secretion - Your Complete Guide to Kundalini Energy, Christ Oil, Alchemy, and the Monthly Seed is a compendium of the most crucial information needed to understand the monthly regeneration or Sacred Secretion process which coincides with the moon.

This book includes:

  • Illustrations of the exact biochemical process happening within the body, in simple step by step explanations.
  • Easy instructions to find your CORRECT monthly Sacred Secretion practice days.
  • Straight forward and effective guidance on how to preserve and raise the Sacred Secretion to activate super consciousness awakening for yourself.

When the height of super consciousness awakening occurs, tingles are felt all over the body and there is an intense feeling of bliss which penetrates every facet of your being This often results in various types of healing, mass detoxification, cellular regeneration, rejuvenation and increased cognitive abilities

This is all possible due to inner secretions of the "biochemicals of enlightenment," caused by what's known as the preserving and raising of the Sacred Secretion.

The Sacred Secretion is the ultimate secret that lies behind every miracle, myth, and mystic experience since the beginning of time... and... it lies within YOU.

The Sacred Secretion or "Christ Oil" biochemistry of your fluidic body is parallel to the Kundalini of your energetic bodies. It is the glorious "alchemy" within every individual that can give rise to super consciousness It births a new "resurrected" human - "Christ within, the hope of glory" (Col 1:27 KJV).

This Guide provides all of the most prominent and essential information that you need regarding the Sacred Secretion, Kundalini Energy, Christ Oil, and Monthly Seed to feel empowered, poised, and ready to embody the incredible, transformational benefits for yourself

Within these pages, you'll discover vital knowledge sourced from Kelly-Marie's bestseller, "The God Design: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul"complemented with a plethora of fresh insights and revelations, meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive compendium of guidance and wisdom.


Christ Within, Heaven on Earth - A concise description of the journey of the glorious sacred secretion (transcript of True anointing YouTube video).

The God Design, Secrets of the Body, Mind and Soul - A thorough study and explanation of both the spiritual and physical elements that form the phenomena known as the sacred secretion. Including the full details of the biochemicals of enlightenment.

Elevation, The Divine Power of the Human Body - The Bible book of Revelation explains the true science of enlightenment: body, mind, and soul in a dramatic, fantastical, and epic parable only 22 chapters. Elevation debunks the symbols and myths providing truth and clarity to its reader.

ReGENEration Calendar, Keep Track of your Sacred Secretion Practice Days - A full year calendar providing the sidereal and tropical dates for the moon entering each star sign (zodiac), plus guidelines and meditation techniques to help you on your journey.


Super consciousness Awakening on Teachable - contact Kelly-Marie for details.


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Product Details ISBN: 9781916413740
ISBN-10: 1916413749
Publisher: Seek Vision
Publication Date: October 6th, 2023
Pages: 142
Language: English