Procrastination: Overcome the bad habits of Procrastination and Laziness and become more productive (Paperback)

Procrastination: Overcome the bad habits of Procrastination and Laziness and become more productive By George Pain Cover Image

Procrastination: Overcome the bad habits of Procrastination and Laziness and become more productive (Paperback)


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Are you very talented and creative but cannot find the willpower, drive and motivation to achieve your dreams?
Procrastination is the problem. This book is your answer.

There is nothing that depresses productivity and stunts personal development more than procrastination. Yet, procrastination creeps slowly and meekly into our lives through the very same shortcuts that we engaged to allow us comfort and convenience - bad habits.

This book, "Procrastination: Overcome the bad habits of procrastination and laziness and become more productive" has been specifically written to enable you kick out procrastination, regain your productivity and achieve your full potential.

The book starts by introducing you to what procrastination really is and provides you with telling signs of procrastination, some of them often hidden and uneasy to detect. It further cautions you on the pitfalls you are likely to fall into should you not be careful and the negative effects of procrastination.

Most people never realize that they are procrastinators. Never assume you are not one unless you prove it. A simple, yet powerful self-diagnosis procrastination test kit has been devised for you. Should you find yourself not a procrastinator, that would be great for you. However, it does not end there. You can use the same kit to help your family, friends and loved ones who could be suffering from procrastination without knowing it. Discovery is the best way to finding a lasting solution.
The best way to confront a disease it to go beyond its symptoms and attack its root causes. Some of the root causes may be common to all procrastinators while others could be unique to each procrastinator. Nonetheless, this book provides all likely causes of procrastination so that you can review and evaluate your very own condition and determine the most likely causes of your procrastination.
Once you determine the root causes of your procrastination, the next obvious step is to heal it. This book provides you with the most elaborate, powerful and effective ways to overcome procrastination.
Procrastination is an aggregate collection of bad habits which results into you delaying your decision or action without prudence. Like all bad habits, the best way to overcome procrastination is to engender good daily habits that will help you to prevent, avoid or nullify bad habits. Powerful and effective daily habits have been prescribed, which, if you diligently employ, will permanently keep off procrastination from your life.
Lastly, but not least, every endeavor has a reward. The rewards of overcoming procrastination are immense and unlimited. Yet, this book provides you with the most obvious rewards that you will gain in the most prominent facets of your life - health, relationships and money.
Enjoy reading.

Product Details ISBN: 9781922300584
ISBN-10: 1922300586
Publisher: Abiprod Pty Ltd
Publication Date: August 7th, 2019
Pages: 80
Language: English