150 Pounds Gone Forever: How I Lost Half My Size and You Can Too (Paperback)

150 Pounds Gone Forever: How I Lost Half My Size and You Can Too By Diane Carbonell Cover Image

150 Pounds Gone Forever: How I Lost Half My Size and You Can Too (Paperback)


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On any given day, 50 million Americans are on a diet but only a small percentage of them will be able to maintain their weight loss, if they are successful at all. Both men and women can struggle to stick with weight loss plans and goals when everyday life gets in the way.

150 Pounds Gone Forever is a breath of fresh air, offering a new, realistic look at weight loss through the eyes of a mother of seven children who lost half her size and has kept it off for more than a decade. Author Diane Carbonell leads you through her journey of weight loss with real-life honesty, humor, and insight. She explains how she lost 150 pounds with three simple components: fat percentage, portion control, and exercise.

150 Pounds Gone Forever shows you how to say good-bye to diets and how to change your lifestyle by identifying trigger foods, breaking unhealthy eating habits, and reorienting your thinking. The book details how to incorporate exercise into your everyday life, no matter what your weight. Diane emphasizes that your goal should not be just the number on the scale but a lifetime of enjoyment at a healthier weight.

150 Pounds Gone Forever shares 50 easy and healthy recipes, including many that can be prepped ahead of time. The book offers a 12-week cardio and strength-training exercise plan to improve your fitness level and shed unwanted pounds. Includes before and after photos of Diane along with exercise demonstration photos.

Product Details ISBN: 9781934716410
ISBN-10: 1934716413
Publisher: Sunrise River Press
Publication Date: April 11th, 2012
Pages: 304
Language: English