Things That Go (Baby's First) (Board Books)

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Things That Go (Baby's First) (Board Books)


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Here come the noisy vehicles Are you ready to jump on things that go go go?

Discover things that go, from race cars and fire trucks, to tractors and bulldozers Babies will be delighted by the bright, colorful vehicles that are driven, piloted, and captained by a cast of adorable animals. Vehicle noises are thoughtfully written into each page, suggesting a symphony of new vehicle noises for adults and children.

A TRUCK hauls away hay.

Grum grum grum.

A HOT AIR BALLOON floats along quietly.


Watch as vehicles come to life for children and go, go, go

Product Details ISBN: 9781946000460
ISBN-10: 1946000469
Publisher: Little Hero
Publication Date: February 28th, 2024
Pages: 22
Language: English
Series: Baby's First