Metahuman Destinations (Volume Two): The Universe & Mind-Body Connection (Paperback)

Metahuman Destinations (Volume Two): The Universe & Mind-Body Connection By Joshua Free Cover Image

Metahuman Destinations (Volume Two): The Universe & Mind-Body Connection (Paperback)


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The Original Mardukite Grade-IV Systemology Professional Piloting Course

New Academy Edition 2-Volume Paperback Series

Take your first steps beyond the 'Master Grades' toward Metahuman Destinations with a book launched the Mardukite Academy 'Wizard Levels'.

The landmark public debut of 'Grade-IV Mardukite Metahuman Systemology' and a foundation stone for reaching higher-level Awareness while taking back command and control of Self as Spirit.

Wisdom of the 'Arcane Tablets' is combined with a year of additional experimental research and development after the 2019 completion of Mardukite Systemology Grade-III objectives, goals and publications. Developing further on the premise of metahumanism and Spiritual Ascension previously established in "Crystal Clear (A Handbook for Seekers)" and "The Tablets of Destiny Revelation: How Long-Lost Anunnaki Wisdom Can Change The Fate of Humanity", Joshua Free provides a manual illustrating the basic steps of correcting -- or "defragmenting" -- what has entrapped viewpoints and determinism of the Spirit to the programming and encoding inherent in the standard-issue 'Human Condition'.

Discover a redefined future of what it means to be human with the first of a new Mardukite Academy 2-Volume Edition for "Metahuman Destinations: Piloting the Course to Homo Novus."

This presentation of Volume Two includes Unit-2 (Liber-2D) "Command of the Mind-Body Connection" and Unit-3 (Liber-3C) "An Introduction to Universe Processing." Learn fundamental keys to systematically elevating 'Actualized Awareness' and uncovering the latent abilities of Self to properly direct a relay of energy and power of Intention in the Universe-and thus command 'Control Centers' of the Human Condition... those experienced as the 'Mind-Body Connection'.

Together we can help Pilot the destiny of Human Evolution toward ideals that will free the Human Condition and return control of Life back to the Spirit.

About This Series:

First published as an single anthology (compiling three separate discourses) titled: "Metahuman Destinations: Piloting the Course to Homo Novus" (Liber-2C,2D+3C). This new Mardukite Academy 2-Volume Second Edition presents "Metahuman Destinations" as "Volume One - Communication, Control & Command" (Liber-2C) and "Volume Two - The Universe & Mind-Body Connection" (Liber 2D+3C) -- available separately.

Also contained in the complete Grade-IV textbook anthology: "The Metahuman Systemology Handbook."

Product Details ISBN: 9781961509092
ISBN-10: 1961509091
Publisher: Joshua Free
Publication Date: July 27th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English