Fidget Spinner: 50+ Best Fidget Spinner Tricks (Paperback)

Fidget Spinner: 50+ Best Fidget Spinner Tricks By Luke Walters Cover Image

Fidget Spinner: 50+ Best Fidget Spinner Tricks (Paperback)


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Learn How to Master the Coolest Fidget Spinner Tricks

It's easy to find fidget spinners, but it's hard to find new tricks. Most online lists and videos only feature five to ten stunts. To make things worse, many of these lists feature the same basic tricks. So, even after hours of searching, you run into the same handful of spinner tricks over, and over, and over again.

This collection of fidget spinner tricks breaks the mold. It includes everything from individual basics every enthusiast should master to the most advanced team tricks you can imagine. Whether you just bought your first fidget spinner or you want to find a new challenge, we have something to keep you and your audience entertained.

Each chapter features a different type of trick. After you've conquered the basics, you can move on to exciting stunts in Flying Spinners, Playing with Physics, Stacking, Circus Performer tricks, Partner Stunts, and much more There are tricks for single spinners, multiple spinners, multiple hands, and even props. We'll even help you develop the insight to create new tricks of your own.

When we discuss a trick, we don't just give you a bare-bones set of instructions. Our guide pauses to illustrate the move, point out critical tips, and even suggest other tricks to help you train. We build up from the basics so you always have a point of reference when you're learning something new. Some part of each trick will feel familiar, and soon you'll be able to visualize the full process like a pro.

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