Mulatto: Daughter of America (Paperback)

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Mulatto: Daughter of America (Paperback)


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This Bestselling raw & compelling 21st Century Historical & Cultural Heritage Biography is a searing coming-of-age story. The book details the childhood of Social Activist and former journalist in her quest for meaning, safety identity. Growing up Black and Biracial in a dysfunctional, abusive, prejudiced and racist white French-Canadian Catholic family in Maine during the 80's was not easy. Mulatto: Daughter of America details her harrowing conversion at age 5; when she was suddenly thrust into a terrifying world of ritualistic child-abuse, sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, bullying and fear.

After leaving her black father, her white mother marries a cruel and sadistic ex-military, white pedophile who breaks up her loving multicultural family and begins a reign of terror that destroys her childhood. At age 12 she is forced to flee to California to escape the abuse. Her twisted relationship with her white mother completely deteriorates when her mother fails to protect her and simply gives her away at age 13. The author shares her life-shattering growth experiences during her teen years, as she travels across Maine in a never-ending slew of foster homes, juvenile halls, halfway houses and experimental MK Ultra schools until her emancipation at age 16.

The author's ultimate survival and success attests to the power of the human spirit to transcend years of abuse, pain, identity and struggle. The book details, through trial and error, set to music of the era, how the Author managed to overcome every obstacle put in her path and still manage to achieve a personal transformation that enables her to realize her dreams. At an early age she was a social activist and leader at an Orwellian experimental school, replete with a social credit system, an environment meant to break her spirit (much like the social credit coming today to America). Her story proves that a horrific past does not have to determine ones future. Her modern day civil rights Memoir is a blue-print for how to develop self-esteem through prayer, music, books and writing. This inspirational read emphasizes the importance of role models and building self-confidence one step at a time.

This is a must-read inspiring human-rights Survivor Story for Teens, YA and Adults alike It is the perfect Gift or Weekend read Reviews appreciated.

CHECK OUT THE AUTHOR'S NEW PAPERBACK a Collection /Anthology of Personal and Unique prose, poems, poetry, spoken word, music lyrics, and songs, a special collaborative effort with her son Joshua LaChance, a talented Songwriter, Rapper and Producer. A must have book for Music, Hip Hop and Poetry lovers. A MUST HAVE for aspiring songwriters.

Also read her first novella written at age 22/23, the Generation X classic "A Different Story: Weekend with Karo (read it as a cautionary tale of the confusion found in a life devoid of Jesus Christ)



I started reading this book weeks ago and stopped reading due to my job. Today I treated myself, I picked this book up early this evening and I couldn't put it down. The realness and rawness of this book made me cringe at times, but that is what makes this piece so beautifully written.

Alicia Sophia - October 6, 2018 (Amazon)

Author of 143: Love, Loss and Other Catastrophes

The Author can be found on Telegram at and on her Rumble page ALLSHALLBEREVEALED67. She is now a born-again Christian.

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ISBN-10: 1983305480
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 28th, 2019
Pages: 224
Language: English