The Bloodless Assassin (Paperback)

The Bloodless Assassin By Celine Jeanjean, Bonobo Book Covers (Cover Design by) Cover Image

The Bloodless Assassin (Paperback)

By Celine Jeanjean, Bonobo Book Covers (Cover Design by)


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An assassin with a fear of blood.

A mouthy street girl.

They can't seriously be the city's only hope?

Being Damsport's most elegant assassin is hard work. There are devilish poisons to concoct, secret identities to maintain...and tailoring to consider. But most importantly Longinus must keep his fear of blood a secret or his reputation will be ruined.

When Rory discovers Longinus's blood phobia, she makes him a deal. Train her, and she won't ruin his reputation.

What she doesn't expect is that her new master has more eccentricities than a stray dog has fleas.

And that in aligning herself with him, she now finds herself in the crosshairs of another, far more dangerous assassin.

Now, not only does Rory have to keep herself and Longinus alive, she has to stop a conspiracy that threatens to bring the city to its knees.

An impossible task?

It's even harder with Longinus under the delusion that he's the hero of the story. That would be funny, if it didn't make Rory want to throttle him.

Do you like strong heroines, quirky characters, and unlikely friendships? Are you a fan of richly imagined worlds and snappy dialogue that's full of banter? Then you'll love the Bloodless Assassin.

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"I AM FLAILING, THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD " - Emily Wrayburn, Goodreads

"This book had me smiling throughout, laughing out loud at times but most importantly itching to read the next page." - Rebecca England, Goodreads

"Rory and Longinius are amazingly lovable, though super quirky characters." - Jane Firebaugh, Goodreads

"I have just met a new favourite author with a new set of favourite characters I just loved this fun story with its quirky characters." - Gwynn White, Goodreads

Product Details ISBN: 9782492523175
ISBN-10: 2492523179
Publisher: Celine Jeanjean
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020
Pages: 358
Language: English