The White Hornet (Hardcover)

The White Hornet By Celine Jeanjean Cover Image

The White Hornet (Hardcover)


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A city of snow and wind.
A logistical nightmare when running a mission...
...or an opportunity to explore new sartorial delights?

Rory has faced many challenges in her time, but none quite so frustrating as mastering the art of walking in a corset and bustle.

She has to pass herself off as a wealthy heiress to infiltrate the House of Bel, a mysterious and highly exclusive club for Airnian high society, and of course her true identity must remain hidden at all costs.

Luckily, Longinus is on hand to advise--that is, when he's not busy discovering the giddy delights of winter outerwear and investigating the mystery of what happened to his family.

But they soon become aware of a mysterious presence--someone paying disturbingly close attention to their every move.

Who or what is the White Hornet? What is the link to Longinus's family?

And will Rory and the gang be able to infiltrate the House of Bel before the White Hornet uncovers their true identities?

Product Details ISBN: 9782957140749
ISBN-10: 2957140748
Publisher: Celine Jeanjean
Publication Date: December 18th, 2019
Pages: 308
Language: English