Effect of Some Chemicals on Broiler Chicks (Paperback)

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Effect of Some Chemicals on Broiler Chicks (Paperback)


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Concerns regarding the welfare of animals permeate all levels of society.

The increasing pollution, decreasing habitats and the destruction of feeding

and breeding areas has pushed animals to the very extreme of living

conditions. Birds suffer most of all as they live near humans more than any

other species. Continuous exposure to the pollutants such as pesticides and

heavy metals, causes diseases, produces effects on their reproductive cycles,

causes changes in their responses to stimuli and leads to DNA damage.

Pesticides and heavy metals can have adverse affects on various

physiological systems. Studies have shown that heavy metals can also have

an influence on the general health of some birds. Many pesticides are applied

in granular form, which makes them particularly dangerous to birds, which

pick them up while searching for seeds. Birds also ingest pesticides through

their food and by preening and grooming.

Pesticides have become omnipresent contaminants of our environment

and have been found in water, soil, air and both human and animal tissues all

over the world. Silent Spring, the book written by Rachel

Carson, facilitated the ban of the pesticide DDT in 1972 in the United States

and foretold of the poisoning of the planet by man.Since then,

many countries have devised policies to reduce pesticide use.

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