Nelson Mandela: The Unconquerable Soul (Campfire Graphic Novels) (Paperback)

Nelson Mandela: The Unconquerable Soul (Campfire Graphic Novels) By Lewis Helfand, Sankha Banerjee (Illustrator) Cover Image

Nelson Mandela: The Unconquerable Soul (Campfire Graphic Novels) (Paperback)

By Lewis Helfand, Sankha Banerjee (Illustrator)


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Nelson Mandela had very simple dreams as a young man growing up in a small South African village; he dreamed of being free to choose his own path in life. But being a black man in South Africa, even the simple dream of freedom could never become a reality.

South Africa was a nation ruled by an oppressive and discriminatory set of laws known as apartheid. Black men and women could not have certain jobs or live in certain neighborhoods, or even walk down the street without being arrested or assaulted by the brutal police force. South Africans desperately needed their freedom and Nelson Mandela answered the call. He took the lead in the fight for the equality of all races, and the government of South Africa responded to his pleas for justice by trying to crush him.

Nelson Mandela was stripped of his rights, and sent to the harshest prison in all of South Africa to die. But his spirit could not be broken. From his tiny prison cell, Mandela managed to rally the entire world. During this fight for justice, he taught even his oppressors the value of tolerance and compassion. He brought freedom to an entire nation and set a shining example to the rest of the world.

Lewis Helfand was born in 1978 in Philadelphia. Passionate about comic books, Lewis soon published his very own, Wasted Minute - a story of a world without crime where superheroes are forced to work regular jobs. With the first issue received well, he was soon collaborating with other artists and released four more issues over the next few years. At the same time, Lewis continues to work outside the field of comic books as a freelance writer and reporter for a number of national print and online publications.
Product Details ISBN: 9789380741161
ISBN-10: 9380741162
Publisher: Campfire
Publication Date: January 17th, 2012
Pages: 120
Language: English
Series: Campfire Graphic Novels
The Year's Best Graphic Novel Award, Comicon India 2011

"The book is solidly crafted and far more nuanced and detailed than one might expect.... That it exceeds these expectations is a welcome surprise." -- John Hogan,

"I highly recommend Campfire’s comics. They do what they are intended to do and do it in  a way that excites kids about classic literature." — Chris Wilson, The Graphic Classroom (a resource for teachers and librarians)