New Rules for War (MP3 CD)

New Rules for War By Michael Anderle, Sarah Mollo-Christensen (Read by) Cover Image

New Rules for War (MP3 CD)


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When the enemy is stoking the fires, it is time for the mercs to make a deal with the devil and pray they have a hope of rescuing something from the flames.

What holds a community, a civilization, or a world together? Shared values? Mutual interests? Perhaps something less definable, like an ineffable source of unity? Or is it blood, terror, and primal drives that force the pack to close in and bare their fangs?

Such questions may be more suited to philosophers, but the DEMC and its mercenaries are the ones who will be doling out the answers.

As the Jindahin Empire crumbles, the mad mercs of Mugh-9 are holding back chaos with a strong arm and steady trigger finger, waiting for things to settle down. But what if they never do? What if the forces feeding off the anarchy like leeches slurping blood intend to suck the Empire dry?

All DEMC can do is plunge their armored hands into the molten furnace of war as they attempt to rescue a few good ones and get out in one piece.

Product Details ISBN: 9798212044325
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2022
Language: English