The Secrets of Ancient Wisdom (Paperback)

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The Secrets of Ancient Wisdom (Paperback)


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Ancient history is still unknown or uncertain to us, and all we know about the ancient world are speculations, myths and fantasies of historians and researchers. With new archeological discoveries and the reinterpretation of ancient texts, historical narratives and historical chronology are changing dramatically. Jossef Salman, a researcher in ancient history and religion, attempts in this short dissertation to explain ancient history from the narrative of religious texts in a way that boldly contradicts modern religious texts, but also proves that religion agrees with science and both can explain existence in the only way possible.

Nowadays, monotheistic religions not only contradict each other and all of them contradict science, but they also preach false ideas about what is true and what corresponds to facts, which causes people to run away from religion and not accept what it preaches. However, the truth is that all religions come from a single source, which can also be found in ancient Hermetic texts such as the well-known Emerald Tablet attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, as well as in ancient Egyptian texts and mythology.

We became aware of this book while discussing recent books that stimulate debate between theology and science, and we can say with confidence that this book is a comprehensive and in-depth read on the topics of theology, history, and archeology of ancient civilizations, especially Egypt. Our readers have been amazed at the author's ability to intrigue even the less experienced reader in the debate between various religious beliefs and scientific theories that attempt to explain the origin of humanity and life in general. The author's analysis of history, facts, and sources makes his work an engaging and attractive read that demonstrates the author's knowledge, understanding, and perspective. The author's confident writing style, attention to detail, and clarity of the arguments presented in the book make this essay a fascinating, intriguing, and most importantly, accessible work for the target audience. Ultimately, this book is found to be a challenging work that is recommended reading for everyone.
Product Details ISBN: 9798215146460
Publisher: Jossef Salman
Publication Date: November 5th, 2022
Pages: 330
Language: English