The Ancestral Now (Paperback)

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The Ancestral Now (Paperback)


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Reconnect to Your Roots and Rediscover Your Innate Human Nature - Our Ancestors Can Act as a Gateway to Deep Remembering and Help You Explore How, Through Our Shared Collective Story, Primal Movement, Ancestral Nutrition, and Ancestral Veneration

"From an archetypal level of what it even means to be human, the entirety of the human story is also present in your experience. All the hominids, tribal peoples, and paleolithic developments are at some level a part of you." - Ramon Castellanos, The Ancestral Now

Look to the ancestral, not to reenact the ancestral lifeways or to mimic the ancestors, but to discover what is inherent and innate with you. By doing so, the act of connecting to ancestral forces becomes a path to self-discovery.

Explore the gifts and challenges that have evolved over billions of years, wherein some emerge in distinct, human ways, and others are shared with the broader circle of life. Let us begin the process of remembering how the collective ancestry has molded us.

The Ancestral Now invites you to explore how to engage with, and move beyond, your personal ancestry to connect more broadly with The Ancestors which includes the humans of your personal lineage; the thousands of generations of hunter-gatherers, Neanderthals, early hominids; and extends further back in time to the first lifeforms of this planet, and beyond.

Our modern world has isolated our sense of self and connection to our ancestry and nature. Due to this, many of us feel a deep yearning to remember our origins.

Within our bones, we hear the call of the past resonating and speaking of the deep, primal experiences that have shaped us. The key is finding ways to speak the primordial language that is inherently accessible to all of us.

The Ancestral Now dives into:

  • The ways through which deep time, wildness, and our hunter-gatherer past have shaped us
  • A powerful meditation to awaken primal consciousness
  • Navigating ancestral currents in ways that honor your sovereignty and safety
  • The simplest way to begin a primal movement practice
  • Cultivating a deep grounding, and activating the intelligence of the lower body
  • Awakening the hunter-gatherer spirit in the modern food landscape
  • Transitioning your diet to one that is more aligned with ancestry
  • Beginning an ancestral veneration practice
  • And more

Product Details ISBN: 9798218052621
Publisher: Ancestral Dragon Scrolls
Publication Date: August 21st, 2022
Pages: 220
Language: English