The Tarot Decoded: Raziel's Interpretation, New Extended Edition (Paperback)

The Tarot Decoded: Raziel's Interpretation, New Extended Edition By Grant Isaac Cover Image

The Tarot Decoded: Raziel's Interpretation, New Extended Edition (Paperback)


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This newly revised edition with added content will thoroughly explain the Tarot's Qabalistic system. No matter if you're a beginner or consider yourself an expert, this book will truly further expand your Tarot journey. This New Extended Edition includes 4 new chapters, added Kabbalah charts, high quality photos, glossy cover, and has been fully revised and edited.

New chapters include:

  • The Tarot's 10's
  • The Mazzaroth within the Tarot
  • The Zodiac's 12 Houses
  • The Four Faces of God

"Striving to be the only Tarot Bible you'll ever need, The Tarot Decoded: Raziel's Interpretation by Grant Isaac delves into the Tarot cards through the use of the Kabbalistic system and referencing the Rider-Waite deck (or Rider-Waite-Smith deck) with its hidden mysteries and rich symbolism. The deck was illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith and incorporates a strong influence from Archangel Raziel through divine inspiration, seen in the knowledge of creation, planets, and stars. Weaving a book that blends philosophy, esoteric symbolism, Hermetics, astrology, and divinatory use, Isaac roots knowledge in life advice as a means to help others understand themselves better and set them on a path to spiritual enlightenment. Dissecting the cards, the book weaves through keywords of wisdom, step-by-step instructions for how to read the cards, symbols and their meanings, the thirty-two paths to wisdom, the Prosperity Key in ten steps, and exercises.

The book features reference guides such as a map key found within the ten of Pentacles card and a grid with all the cards. These are easy to understand with images and charts that help navigate the knowledge, wisdom, and advice that Grant Isaac weaves throughout the card dissection. The Tarot Decoded explores steps for a journey in self-development and spiritual evolution through advice that is rooted in our various relationships. The book serves as a reference guide to the Tarot but also how to use this divine knowledge to bring you closer to knowing your true self and offers a path that will help you find spiritual insight. Comprehensive examples are provided with images such as the Tarot Grid and reference guides which lay out a path to inspire you on your journey. The astrological focus breaks the deck down through the lens of the Zodiac. This book is thorough, well-organized, and vividly detailed while also maintaining easy-to-understand language and visual breakdowns that will make diving into the Tarot rewarding. The Tarot Decoded is a wonderful resource for beginners or for those looking to study deeper, with exploration, advice, and guides that will steer you toward spiritual awareness." - Liz Konkel, Readers' Favorite, 5-Stars

Product Details ISBN: 9798218156497
Publisher: Grant Asay
Publication Date: February 20th, 2023
Pages: 612
Language: English