Champions, the Series. The Best: Heart Challenge (Paperback)

Champions, the Series. The Best: Heart Challenge By Chris Winder Cover Image

Champions, the Series. The Best: Heart Challenge (Paperback)


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"Champions, the Series. The Best" is a gripping and engaging tale of determination, courage, and team spirit. This children's book follows the story of Palmi United, a soccer team from the small town of Palmi, as they fight to save their beloved stadium from being demolished.

Unable to compete financially with the richest and most powerful teams, the Palmi United boys rely on their one true weapon: heart. Despite difficulties and adversity, these kids prove that the true value of a team lies not in economic resources but courage, perseverance, and unity.

Led by their coach, Mr. Martelli, a man with a turbulent past but a generous heart, the boys face off in an emotionally charged championship where every game is a battle, every goal a small miracle.

But "Champions, the Series. The Best" is not just a book about soccer. It is a story of growth, of friendship, of solidarity. It is a story that teaches the importance of dreams, the strength of determination, and the value of honor.

Between moments of joy and sadness, of victories and defeats, "Champions, the Series. The Best" will take you on an emotional journey into the heart of a team that never gives up, believes in its dreams, and fights with all its might to achieve them.

A book that will move and reflect will teach kids the importance of commitment, sacrifice, and loyalty. Because, as the boys of Palmi United show, sometimes, to become true champions, you don't need to be the strongest but the most determined

Product Details ISBN: 9798223120087
Publisher: Chris Winder
Publication Date: May 25th, 2023
Pages: 118
Language: English