What to Do in Retirement: Complete Guide About Retirement and Its Planning (Paperback)

What to Do in Retirement: Complete Guide About Retirement and Its Planning By Henry Price Cover Image

What to Do in Retirement: Complete Guide About Retirement and Its Planning (Paperback)


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Are you worried about the goal finally reached?

Are you looking for explanations on what to do now?

"WHAT to DO in RETIREMENT?" here are the answers to this fateful question, is a simple and effective guide to looking to the future, managing money and enjoying a well deserved rest.

If you are worried about retirement, maybe you shouldn't be. About half of American retirees describe their post-work years as the best time of their life. Here you have a step-by-step guide to ending up in that happy half. Winning is a practical, inspirational, and entertaining look at the process of seeking happiness in what should be your most enjoyable years.

You will learn:
  • In plain language, when to turn on Social Security, and how to avoid a common mistake that married couples should avoid. Winning has been lauded as one of the clearest guides to Social Security claiming strategies.
  • Straightforward investment advice that starts with recognizing that we have no idea what will happen next with the economy and the market. Includes "Five Money Maxims" ... a set of principals that helps simplify investing.
  • How to navigate the maze of Medicare. The book will help you understand the structure of the program, explain the choices you need to make, and tell you how to get help with enrollment.
  • Best practices for maintaining health and wellness. After all, it is much harder to enjoy life if you struggle to move, or are living with pain. Information about diet and exercise can be confusing and conflicting, but wellness and aging can be boiled down into key concepts that you can (should ) put into action.

  • Beyond addressing practical considerations like money, health, and where to live, Winning challenges you to ask: "who am I going to be in retirement?" Retirement is an opportunity for reinvention, or as a popular quotation from the book says, "a blank sheet of paper". But far too many people plan for the financial aspects, without recognizing the importance of seeking a meaningful, impactful identity. A purposeful life is a happy life

Today's retirees are plugged-in. They have smart phones, are internet savvy, and follow their grandchildren on Facebook. Winning takes a thoroughly modern look at the subject, describing web tools, apps, TED talks, and the vast world of resources that are at your fingertips in your quest for financial stability, health, and purpose. In the end you will learn about the Retirement Happiness Map, a simple but powerful way to organize your retirement decisions.

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Product Details ISBN: 9798568477990
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 20th, 2020
Pages: 100
Language: English