Cisco Networking Essentials: Complete Guide To Computer Networking For Beginners And Intermediates (Paperback)

Cisco Networking Essentials: Complete Guide To Computer Networking For Beginners And Intermediates By Craig Berg Cover Image

Cisco Networking Essentials: Complete Guide To Computer Networking For Beginners And Intermediates (Paperback)


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Are you looking to get started with your journey to getting Cisco certified or merely want to increase your knowledge of networking to build on your IT skills and boost your career or business?

And you looking for a guide that breaks down the seemingly complex topic of computer networking into simple, digestible content that you can start applying right away to set up, manage and troubleshoot computer networks with confidence?

If you've answered YES, keep reading....

You Are 1-Click Away From Learning How To Develop More Than Average Level Knowledge Of Cisco Networking

You know the benefits of getting CCNA certification in the current tech industry that is openly hungry for network professionals. You know that you would easily get promoted for having practical Network skills or land yourself a job in a better paying Cisco-partner company and other businesses.

You also know that networking job demand is growing exponentially each year, with a projected rate of 26% in 2020 alone.

You know all that...

But have you felt intimidated by the whole process of learning networking and even wondered whether you'd make it through a couple of weeks?

Perhaps you're not an IT professional, but desire to learn network hardware maintenance and management to improve your life in aspects like security, business efficiency or for self fulfillment, but don't have a clue about where to begin?

Then keep reading, as I have the perfect solution for you to get started with networking the right way.

This book is a simple, straightforward and concise beginners' guide to computer networking, and is what you've been looking for. This book recognizes that the first step to becoming a real network professional is having a solid foundation of networking essentials, and its valuable content is weaved based on that understanding.

As a beginner, I imagine that you've been having certain questions and concerns such as:

What's the best way or place to start learning networking?

What are some of the essential topics I need to cover?

How do I acquire a solid understanding of networking that would enable me to handle basic hardware and software networking tasks?

What does networking even entail?

If I am right, even if just close, I am confident that this book will prove 100% valuable to you.

In just 1-click away, you will learn:
  • What a computer network is and the types of networks we have
  • What an open systems interconnections model looks like, and why it's important to divide a network into various layers
  • The ins and outs of data encapsulation
  • What you need to know in TCP/IP
  • The role of Ethernet technologies and cabling
  • The basics of Ethernet cabling
  • Everything you need to know about data encapsulation in TCP/IP model, and the Cisco 3 layer hierarchical model
  • What IP addresses are and how they work

...And much more

Even if you've never done anything like this before, by the end of this book, you will be confident to execute everything the book teaches

What's more; this book is also a practical, beginner-friendly guide that you'll enjoy reading and implementing so consider this your lucky day

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Product Details ISBN: 9798654241658
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 15th, 2020
Pages: 86
Language: English