The Metaphysics of Stranger Things: Telekinesis, Telepathy & Systemology (Paperback)

The Metaphysics of Stranger Things: Telekinesis, Telepathy & Systemology By Joshua Free Cover Image

The Metaphysics of Stranger Things: Telekinesis, Telepathy & Systemology (Paperback)


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Lines separating philosophy, psychology, mysticism and spirituality all blend together in the metaphysical soup that is served up by Joshua Free in this unique approach to exploring spiritual techniques for developing the kind of mind-power we all dream about.

Discover the metaphysical truth about the Universe (and maybe even yourself) as we explore what lies beneath the epic saga, Stranger Things. You're invited to a world where fantasy, science fiction, and horror unite and games like "Dungeons and Dragons" become reality.

The Stranger Things creators and actors have helped transport viewers to new philosophical vistas and emotional curves like nothing has before. Cinematic heights of achievement are turned Upside Down for all times to come after this unique illumination of the dark spaces between the spaces all around us-something that we can never forget.

But where exactly do these depths lead?

What inspired the iconic themes that make the show legendary?

How real are these astral gateways and psionic abilities?

Can anyone be like Eleven?

Now is your chance to find out.

The secrets of Life, the Universe and Everything hidden right within the folds of pop-culture

Uncover a world of secret "mind control" projects, just like at Hawkins National Laboratory. Decades of psychedelic experiments among other developmental programs for psychic powers, remote viewing, and telekinesis (psychokinesis, PK) are revealed.

This edition also includes over twenty confidential files from Mardukite Research Org. (Systemology Society) specially declassified for this esoteric journey into THE METAPHYSICS OF STRANGER THINGS. Get an inside look at the operations of a real-life underground organization pursuing the truth about rehabilitating spiritual abilities for an actual "metahuman" evolution on the planet.

And, if you dare, even experiment with these techniques yourself

Check out the much anticipated new Mardukite Systemology 'Liber-011' release by Joshua Free -- The Metaphysics of Stranger Things: Telekinesis, Telepathy & Systemology (An Unofficial Field Guide).

In a world full of "tens"-be an Eleven

Product Details ISBN: 9798987124918
Publisher: Joshua Free
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2022
Pages: 316
Language: English