A Study in Silver (Kobo eBook)

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Who pushed her down the stairs?

The question is haunts Wolflock more than he likes to admit. But why? Is it the shock of finding her first? Why has everyone pretended to not see that there were two people present when she fell? Wolflock saw the scene and the evidence is undeniable.

That same evidence points him to the realisation that one of his new friends may be a killer. Alone, frightened, and desperate for answers, he has to use every skill he's honed, as well as a few new ones to get the answers from an unwilling crew and company aboard the ship.

Everyone wants to sweep this under the rug but Wolflock can't let this injustice go. He must find answers and he'll go up against the most influential, powerful, and unsuspecting people on the ship to get them. Will the culprit destroy all the evidence before Wolflock can find it? Or will they come for him first?

In Wolflock's most dangerous case aboard the Silver Ice Hair, can he find the true criminal hiding amongst those he's grown to trust? Or is it best to leave sleeping drunks lie?

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ISBN-13: 9780648763642
Publisher: ​Rhiannon D. Elton
Publication Date: December 13th, 2020