The Colour of Time by Marina Amaral, Dan Jones

Staff Pick

Gifted Brazilian artist Marina Amaral and one of Britain’s leading historians, Dan Jones, have teamed up to give us a new history of the world. Covering events from the 1850s to the Space Race, The Colour of Time (Pegasus, $39.95) tells the story of some of the most important events and people that shaped the world, from Napoleon III and Queen Victoria to Nelson Mandela and Queen Elizabeth II. With vintage black-and-white photographs expertly colorized by Amaral, these distant moments in time come to life before our eyes; this is history as we haven’t quite seen it before. And even though a photo is worth a thousand words, brilliant writing by Dan Jones gives just enough context and a deeper meaning to what we see. A combination of two hundred amazing photographs and perfectly chosen words to accompany them, this book is a must have not only for history buffs but for everyone. If you are looking for a perfect Holiday gift, look no further.