Self-Portraits by Osamu Dazai

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The renegade son of a wealthy Japanese landowning family, the young Dazai (1909-1948) squandered his princely allowance on dandyish clothing, sake, and geishas. Later, cut off and impoverished, addicted to opioids and alcohol, and seesawing between doomed, suicidal romances and a loveless arranged marriage, he found the autobiographical voice that captured the depths and the banalities of his life in moving, brilliant prose. There is no more honest or eloquent writer on the darkest strains of human experience—self-loathing, suicide, addiction, humiliation, and shame. Dazai is a true friend in life’s most hopeless trenches.

Self-Portraits: Stories By Osamu Dazai, Ralph McCarthy (Translated by) Cover Image
By Osamu Dazai, Ralph McCarthy (Translated by)
ISBN: 9780811232265
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Published: New Directions - February 6th, 2024