Shirley - Susan Scarf Merrell

Who in America has not read and thrilled to or been appalled by “The Lottery”? This fictional treatment of the great Shirley Jackson’s life (soon to be an HBO film) imagines the years near its end through the adoring witness of a young girl-wife boarding with her ambitious young professor-husband in Jackson’s hectic, college-life-shadowed Hudson Valley home. The novel evokes the obsessive, claustrophobic desperation of an Eleanor, and traces the betrayals and demands that artists and egotists inflict on those closest to them, while life is lived on in ways both unforgivably damaging and profoundly ordinary. Jackson’s real-life disapproving mother, whose presence is felt throughout this book, like the spirits who haunt any unhappy family, famously asked her daughter, “Can’t you write anything nice?” No, thanks be, she could not.

Shirley: A Novel By Susan Scarf Merrell Cover Image
ISBN: 9780147516190
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Published: Plume - July 7th, 2015