It’s impossible to wrap your arms around a city but the two Rebeccas (Snedeker and Solnit) and their team of writers and artists certainly come close. And what better place to embrace than New Orleans with its beauty, tragedy, rhythm, heat, taste, environment, and characters. The essays that accompany these gorgeous maps convey the dove-tailing contradictions that make life there inimitable and potentially unsustainable. One essay compares mud flows to the bass in New Orleans music; another shows sex and seafood to be equal pulls for tourism; and yet another paints sugarcane, its sweet products, and the prisoners who harvest it as pillars of exploitation and delight. When it comes to New Orleans nothing beats being there, but if you cannot afford the trip this book will inspire you to save your pennies.

Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas Cover Image
ISBN: 9780520274044
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Published: University of California Press - November 18th, 2013

Much more than a catalogue of titillation, Sexplosion is a fun, entertaining, and insightful exploration of a period in our cultural history that many Americans wish to forget. Author Robert Hofler covers 1968-1973, a time when sexuality, art and commerce intertwined to become the most popular “issue-tainment.” Leading (predominantly male) artists of the period such as Andy Warhol, Kenneth Tynan, John Schlesinger, Ken Russell, Gore Vidal, Bernardo Bertolucci, etc. chose sexual politics, identity, liberation, exploitation, and decadence as the themes of their boldest works. Living now in a post-AIDS world these artists’ hopes and risks are at once both naïve and incredibly courageous.

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ISBN: 9780062088345
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Published: It Books - February 4th, 2014

Aficionados of American culture and Anglophiles alike can rejoice: Across the Pond (W.W. Norton, $14.95) is more than “an Englishman’s view of America.” Terry Eagleton, one of the most influential literary critics of recent decades, is the ideal guide to everything idiosyncratic about our beloved country, especially those things the natives never bother to notice. What makes American-Britiish relations so fascinating is just how close we are to each other—and yet how very far. Taking this  distance as a starting point, Eagleton is a passionate observer, a wit, and a Brit who’s determined to get at the roots of the oddities, niceties, and just slightly off-ness of American life (at least, as his compatriots see it) . Now, if only he could explain Benedict Cumberbatch…. Perhaps in his next book. 

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Published: W. W. Norton & Company - May 19th, 2014