The Cripple of Inishmaan - Martin Mcdonagh

This play is as dark as it is hilarious. Your face will be exhausted from switching between laughing and cringing. The story is inspiring, exhausting, and characteristic of McDonagh’s incredibly harsh worldview. A small village is rocked by the news of a forthcoming American film about their own Aran Islands. The villagers are even more shocked to learn that the local crippled boy has earned a part in the production.  From their taunts and boredom emerge a young star, and from McDonagh’s cruelty and humor emerges a brilliant play. 
The Cripple of Inishmaan (Vintage International) By Martin McDonagh Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375705236
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Published: Vintage - September 8th, 1998

Arcadia - Tom Stoppard

You’ve just found a long-lost Lord Byron poem on your family’s crumpling estate. Is it real? Does it uphold the family legends or reveal an entirely new history? In their search for Arcadia, scholars, gardeners, and patriarchs alike are revealed in all their folly-filled humanity. Stoppard’s play is as pleasurable to read as it is to watch. Stoppard is a wordy playwright; his descriptions come alive as he bends history to create a hilarious and breathtaking spectacle. In this universe, the search for truth and glory is only triumphant in the hands of children.

Drama: An Actor's Education - John Lithgow

When John Lithgow gives an interview, I am never sure whether to laugh uproariously or write down what he says to mull over later. Regardless, Lithgow’s passion is evident and finely honed in whatever he does, and his memoir, Drama: An Actor’s Education (HarperCollins, $26.99), is no exception. In his youth a hybrid of the drop-out and the genius, Lithgow joined the family business and became an actor; he was by turns confused and horrified by outshining his father in their shared trade. Best known for his comedic turn in Third Rock from the Sun and for his bone-chilling role as a serial killer on Dexter, Lithgow has won several Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys, and much acclaim from critics in and out of the industry. But what drives the book is not Lithgow’s quiet, steady success, but the decades of romance, self-doubt, and education that lie behind his performances. Lithgow reminds us why acting is an art form, why humor is so deeply important, and why family is irresistible. Enjoy Drama for its honesty and its ingenuity, its ability to make you care—and because Lithgow is a hoot.

Drama: An Actor's Education By John Lithgow Cover Image
ISBN: 9780061734984
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Published: Harper Perennial - October 9th, 2012