The Sartorialist: Closer - Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman’s streetstyle blog, thesartorialist. com, has been a source of daily fashion inspiration since 2005. Now the second collection of Schuman’s beautiful work is available in The Sartorialist: Closer (Penguin, $30). This small book packs a big, chic punch, featuring over 300 fresh images. Schuman shoots what interests him: men, women, high and low fashion, and in every season. Whether in New York or Tokyo, London, Paris, or Milan, his eye for great

Hollywood Sketchbook - Deborah Nadoolman Landis

This deliciously gorgeous book of costume designs gathered and with commentary by Academy Award-nominated costume designer and professor Deborah Nadoolman Landis will have you enthralled for hours. In Hollywood Sketchbook (Harper Design, $75) Landis gives detailed and witty background to these 500-plus drawings of outfits from Hollywood movies. Not only does the volume spotlight the previously overlooked art of costume illustration, but the introduction gives a comprehensive history of the role the craft has played since Hollywood began. Landis brings firsthand accounts, experience, and affection to the project, endowing it with the authority and pleasure such an undertaking deserves. The portfolios she examines will change the way you look at the runway and how you watch movies.

Food Fashion Friends - Fleur Wood

A truly luscious high tea, a Golden Age of Hollywood dinner party, a candlelit rooftop dance or a fresh picnic on the farm. No matter the party, Fleur Woods and her friends know how to celebrate with casual elegance and delicious menus. This aristocratic, vibrant and beautiful book is as free of arrogance as it is of an ugly photo. The beautiful recipes and fashion photos are more inspirational than instructional. The book itself is beautifully made and serves as a great centerpiece for your shelf or coffee table. If you admire pretty things and good food, and desire to create memories for a rainy day, Wood’s book is for you.