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Murray’s latest novel tells the story of Christina, a Filipino expatriate, who, after initiating divorce proceedings, returns to Manila where the citizens of the city’s high society, of which she is part, chart a collision course with the iron-willed dictator. Interweaving the satirical comedy of the capital’s aristocracy--complete with all the melodrama of Filipino romance--with the social realities of life in the clutches of a repressive and violent government, The Human Zoo offers an introductory glimpse into the sociopolitical and cultural landscape of a country that has resisted,  and continues to resist, imperialist forces, dictatorial leaders, and its own self-destructive impulses.

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ISBN: 9780802157508
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Published: Grove Press - August 8th, 2021

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In this brisk and revelatory novella, Pacheco juxtaposes the portrait of a nation undergoing rapid change with that of a boy growing into adulthood. The nation is Mexico, where politicians enrich themselves; the boy is Carlos, a child of middle-class parents. While Mexico City engages in a struggle between traditional values and the new standards of industrialization and consumerism, Carlos falls in love with the mother of one of his classmates--only to find the adults around him suppressing his sexual and emotional awakening. It's a feat of almost incredible storytelling.



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ISBN: 9780811230957
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Published: New Directions - June 1st, 2021

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There is an ornate and otherworldly--almost divine--quality to Groff’s writing that makes Matrix the perfect display of this already accomplished writer's growing genius. And her genius is indeed growing as she recasts the High Middle Ages life of the poet Marie de France as the story of a well-born bastard exiled to life as a nun in a remote abbey. Building on the luster of her past work--not least, that of her renowned sentences--Groff also shows a steadier and more restrained hand.


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ISBN: 9781594634499
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Published: Riverhead Books - September 7th, 2021