Tender - Sofia Samatar

Staff Pick

I'd been meaning to check out Samatar's writing for a while, but this short story collection caught me off guard in its amazing stylistic range and flexibility. Dancing between heartfelt character study and chilling horror, Calvino homage and badly written (on purpose!) personal essay, each entry challenges the convention of the form while subverting the reader's expectations.



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ISBN: 9781618731654
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Published: Small Beer Press - April 2nd, 2019

Exhalation -- Ted Chiang

Staff Pick

Since reading Exhalation, I’ve repeatedly thought about its stories and characters, which is the hallmark of great speculative fiction. Stories about ideas--whether time travel, parallel universes, or artificial intelligence--can get bogged down with heavy philosophy and unsatisfying scientific explanations, but Chiang’s stories (thankfully) do neither. Each story is truly unique, not only in subject, but in style and scope. They explore the implications of technology precisely, contain characters with whom we empathize because of their flaws, and provide plots that genuinely enrapture and surprise you. Most importantly, they challenge us to think through the philosophy ourselves, instead of force-feeding us the “right” conclusion. 



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ISBN: 9781101947883
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Published: Knopf - May 7th, 2019

Sisters of the Winter Wood -- Rena Rossner

Staff Pick

Sisters Laya and Liba have grown up in a remote hamlet among their neighbors where life is comfortable and familiar. But their village is surrounded by an expanse of forest that may hide more than it tells. Dangers lurk beyond the tree line; some are starkly hazardous but many are hidden between dark and magical secrets that have been watching and waiting for generations. In a world where fairy tales are real, it’s up to Laya and Liba to get to the root of the evil by setting aside their differences, which may be greater than they know.




The Sisters of the Winter Wood By Rena Rossner Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316483254
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Published: Redhook - September 25th, 2018