A Witch in Time, by Constance Sayers

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In the vein of Outlander or A Discovery of Witches, Sayers has made magic and time travel essential to the romance of a witch and a demon, who are doomed to repeat their tragic love affair over and over. In Belle Époque France, 1930s Hollywood, the desert of the 1970s, and present-day DC, Helen and Luke always find each other and always lose each other. But this time, Helen untangles the curse that has trapped her for more than 100 years and must commit an unspeakable act to finally break free. 

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ISBN: 9780316493611
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Published: Redhook - August 18th, 2020

Gods of Jade and Shadow, by Silvia Moreno Garcia

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A charming classic quest that blends Mayan folklore in the setting of 1920’s Yucatán, Mexico. Casiopea is a young woman determined to leave her abusive family. Her opportunity comes with the awakening of a weakened god of death, Hun-Kamé, who becomes more human as he gets closer to his own demise. By restoring this deity, Casiopea can save both their lives as well as right the wrongs of her family’s past. Gods of Jade and Shadow is full of magical imagery and charming dialogue that makes it an immersive and fun read.

Gods of Jade and Shadow Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525620778
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Published: Del Rey - February 18th, 2020

Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett

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For those attempting to tackle Pratchett’s enormous Discworld oeuvre who are unsure where to begin, try Small Gods! It follows Brutha, the slow but well-meaning Chosen One of the Great God Om, on a mission to prevent a holy war between the rigid theocracy of Omnia and its laid-back philosophical neighbor, Ephebe. The least of Brutha’s problems is that Om is trapped in the body of a tortoise and can’t persuade anyone to do as he says. Beloved by die-hard fans and casual readers alike, the novel takes on religion, ethics, and belief in Pratchett’s classic irreverent style.  

Small Gods: A Novel of Discworld Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062237378
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Published: Harper - October 29th, 2013