Men in the Making - Bruce Machart

In Bruce Machart’s short-story collection, Men in the Making (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $24), the characters are so real and so flawed you feel as though you have met them before. These pieces show how men live with their choices—the ones they regret, and they ones they prize. The stories also capture how men teach each other the things they know, often with words, for better or worse. If you are a man, or want to understand one better, this is the book for you.

Men in the Making By Bruce Machart Cover Image
ISBN: 9780156034449
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Published: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - October 25th, 2011

Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President - Candice Millard

With the right narrator, a seemingly one-dimensional historical event can become a riveting story. This is the case with Candice Millard and The Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a President (Doubleday, $28.95). Millard, who spun a tale of adventure and suspense out of Teddy Roosevelt’s 1912 expedition through the Amazon in The River of Doubt, is such a skillful writer, and her story is so fascinating, that you barely notice how the vivid details presented early on gradually draw together into a powerful whole. James Garfield’s life and death is a saga of political wrangling, a delusional assassin, and medical techniques that failed to save the President and might in fact have killed him—techniques that included Alexander Graham Bell’s effort to develop an electrical device to locate the bullet in the fallen president’s back.

Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President By Candice Millard Cover Image
ISBN: 9780767929714
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Published: Vintage - June 12th, 2012

Scorsese on Scorsese - Michael Henry Wilson

If you have a film lover in your life—someone who watches the DVD extras—Scorsese on Scorsese (Phaidon, $69.95) is the book to get. It’s impossible to consider the last four decades of film-making without thinking of Martin Scorsese. Taxi Driver, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Age of Innocence, and The Departed show both the amazing variety of his work and his iconic position among directors. Michael Henry Wilson has spent those years developing a unique relationship with Scorsese, as both an interviewer and a collaborator. This connection has resulted in the labor of love that is this rich montage of a book, brimming with behind-the-scenes photographs, storyboards, scripts, and the director’s reflections on his work.