Way Far Away by Evelio Rosero

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Rosero is a prescient chronicler of human darkness, and this novel, rendered into English by Anne McLean and Victor Meadowcroft, follows an old man who arrives at an unsettling town in search of a missing granddaughter. Surreal but poetic, the narrative features nightmares that come to life--the ground is littered with dead mice, an innkeeper spies on sleeping guests, and a town is perpetually covered in mist. Rosero’s deft prose hones the perfect horror story: that of a man in search of something he cannot find in a place he cannot escape.

Way Far Away By Evelio Rosero, Victor Meadowcroft (Translated by), Anne McLean (Translated by) Cover Image
By Evelio Rosero, Victor Meadowcroft (Translated by), Anne McLean (Translated by)
ISBN: 9780811238076
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Published: New Directions - March 5th, 2024

Under the Glacier by Halldor Laxness

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Laxness's surreal narrative starts with the Bishop of Iceland dispatching an emissary to Snæfells Glacier to investigate the local pastor's abandonment of duty. Upon arrival, the emissary is met with the Glacier’s eccentric inhabitants, a closed church, unburied dead, and a pastor more concerned with everyday errands than with his religious role. Written in the 1960s, this novel is a prescient look at religion's descent into a network of quacks and crooks that co-opt the spiritual and create cults of personalities. At the same time, it questions tradition and pokes fun at the rigidity of Christianity. As apt to tickle as to bewilder, Laxness's work showcases the depth and breadth of his talent as both a satirical and philosophical writer. 

Under the Glacier (Vintage International) By Halldor Laxness, Magnus Magnusson (Translated by) Cover Image
By Halldor Laxness, Magnus Magnusson (Translated by)
ISBN: 9781400034413
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Published: Vintage - March 8th, 2005

Desolacion by Gabriela Mistral

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Mistral was the first Latin American to win the Nobel for literature, and this reissue of her first volume showcases a formidable poet's tender and passionate sides as she uses religious symbolism and the evocative imagery of the Chilean landscape to convey her struggles with desire, grief, and what it meant to be a woman in Chile during the early 20th century. Thanks in no small part to the skillful English renderings by translators including Langston Hughes, this collection is rich in the rhythm and music of Mistral's verse and should bring new readers to an unjustly neglected writer.



Desolación By Gabriela Mistral, Alejandra C. Quintana Arocho (Translator), Inés Bellina (Translator) Cover Image
ISBN: 9798987926437
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Published: Sundial House - January 2nd, 2024