The Divorce, by Cesar Aira

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Aira’s new novella possesses such exuberant and unpredictable energy that to offer a synopsis would be a disservice to those coming in blind to this tour-de-force of digressive narrative. The book uses the eponymous event not as a subject, but as the jumping-off point for multiple stories involving different characters, settings, events, and coincidences. Translated by the great Chris Andrews, this work supports Aira's place as one of the more unique and dynamic writers of his generation--one surely worthy of comparisons to Borges and Bolaño, but eminently deserving his own singular place in the pantheon of literary greats.

The Divorce Cover Image
By César Aira, Chris Andrews (Translated by), Patti Smith (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780811230933
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Published: New Directions - June 1st, 2021

Beautiful World, Where are You, by Sally Rooney

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Rooney’s newest novel--a cause for celebration--may be her most personal and her most interrogatory yet. Featuring the intertwining relationships of four characters in varying degrees of intimacy as they navigate lives under constant threat of collapse, Rooney expands her literary frontiers by writing about familiar subjects: friendship, desire, youth, and a world in crisis. Few people can write about millennial existentialism and angst as well as Rooney, which has pigeonholed her as a millennial novelist--a misleadingly narrow descriptor, because her psychological acuity and insight rank her as one of the greats of any literary generation.

Beautiful World, Where Are You: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780374602604
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Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - September 7th, 2021

The Human Zoo, by Sabina Murray

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Murray’s latest novel tells the story of Christina, a Filipino expatriate, who, after initiating divorce proceedings, returns to Manila where the citizens of the city’s high society, of which she is part, chart a collision course with the iron-willed dictator. Interweaving the satirical comedy of the capital’s aristocracy--complete with all the melodrama of Filipino romance--with the social realities of life in the clutches of a repressive and violent government, The Human Zoo offers an introductory glimpse into the sociopolitical and cultural landscape of a country that has resisted,  and continues to resist, imperialist forces, dictatorial leaders, and its own self-destructive impulses.

The Human Zoo Cover Image
ISBN: 9780802157508
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Published: Grove Press - August 8th, 2021