The Poppy War, by R F. Kuang

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Kuang’s literary debut is a stunning work that at once cemented the author as essential in the fantasy world. Drawing on the second Sino-Japanese War for the novel's background and updating the trope of the young urchin/hero, Kuang  opens the story as Fang Runin is plucked from a life both wretched and obscure to attend a top military academy where she trains in martial arts--as well as mystical ones--to become an elite soldier. When a revolution upends the precarious peacetime, Fang and her cohort are thrust into a bloody and violent war. Kuang does not shy away from the cruel reality of war's devastating effects for those both on and off the battlefield, and this novel is tense, fast-paced, and full of difficult questions about sacrifice and meaning for which there are no easy answers. 

The Poppy War: A Novel By R. F. Kuang Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062662583
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Published: Harper Voyager - April 23rd, 2019

The Late Americans, by Brandon Taylor

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With his signature wit and acute observations, Taylor again elevates the humdrum of quotidian life to remarkable literary fiction. Here he introduces a group of friends and peers whose lives are deeply connected in various ways. His exquisite prose not only conveys the characters' intense longing, tension, and desire as they go through a year of self-discovery. It also draws you into the group's intimacy in ways that feel almost intrusive--as well as absolutely enthralling.

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ISBN: 9780593332337
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Published: Riverhead Books - May 23rd, 2023

The Deceptions, by Jill Bialosky

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“Something terrible has happened and I don’t know what to do.” While this frantic and arresting opening references only a singular “something,” the many events in the unnamed narrator's unraveling life suggest that much more is at stake, including loneliness after her son leaves for university, a growing resentment between her and her husband, and a fraught relationship with a fellow poet. Seeking escape in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bialosky's protagonist parallels her own experiences with the events of the classical art and mythology on display, and in a richly sensual prose, the author both interrogates the relationship of desire and dominance and shows us the deep inner workings of a woman struggling to break free of the constraints that have long held her back.





The Deceptions: A Novel By Jill Bialosky Cover Image
ISBN: 9781640090248
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Published: Counterpoint - September 6th, 2022