The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels by Janice Hallett

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It's one of England's most sensational crimes: the messy end of a doomsday cult thwarted from sacrificing a baby believed to be the Antichrist. When two journalists dig into the story decades later, however, they learn there's much more to the mystery--and it could get them killed. The author of The Appeal tops herself with a brilliantly woven narrative of emails, text messages, interview transcripts, airport novel chapters, and more twists than a corkscrew. This is her wildest, most compelling mystery yet!    

The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels: A Novel By Janice Hallett Cover Image
ISBN: 9781668023396
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Published: Atria Books - January 23rd, 2024

Erotic Vagrancy by Roger Lewis

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Some celebrity bios are just juicy. This one is a four-course dinner fit for a cannibal. When Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton first met on the set of Cleopatra, they didn't merely set off sparks. Their combustible relationship laid waste to the media landscape as we know it, as fans gorged on details of the yacht they kept for their pets, Taylor's endless ailments, and the bitchy war of words that spilled over into movies like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Lewis wields his pen like a rapier dipped in acid as he sketches the definitive look of two outsized personalities who didn't so much squander talent as redefine it. 

Erotic Vagrancy: Everything about Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor By Roger Lewis Cover Image
ISBN: 9780857381729
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Published: Mobius - March 26th, 2024

Lincoln by Gore Vidal

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Vidal's Lincoln is one of the great historical novels, as well as a great story of DC under siege. The South is seceding, construction on the Washington Memorial has stopped, and a rail-splitting lawyer from Illinois is the one holding it all together. Vidal gives us the enigmatic Lincoln through the eyes of his secretary, John Hay; his Secretary of State, William H. Seward; and a conspirator in an assassination plot, among others. Vidal's saber-like wit spares no one, even as he indelibly renders the better angels of our leaders' natures.

Lincoln: A Novel (Vintage International) By Gore Vidal Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375708763
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Published: Vintage - February 15th, 2000