The Nao of Brown - Glyn Dillon

Glyn Dillon’s The Nao of Brown tells the story of Nao, an aspiring illustrator and shop girl, held hostage by her OCD and her struggle to overcome her demons while finding her footing in the world. Through meditation, Nao begins to see that the world isn’t black and white but littered with shades of grey. Compelling, honest, and beautifully illustrated, The Nao of Brown is a reflection on the complicated business of being human as we make missteps into adulthood.

Building Stories - Chris Ware

Touted as an instant classic, Chris Ware’s graphic novel Building Stories gives us a peek into the lives of the inhabitants of a Chicago apartment building (an old woman, a young amputee, a forever bickering couple) and their struggles to find meaning amid the isolation of modernity. Ware’s characters existentially writhe amid commonplace failures, mundane routines, and the crushing grip of loneliness. More akin to a puzzle box, Building Stories contains 14 distinct books, booklets, and pamphlets that, much like the trick of memory, are ordered and constructed as the reader sees fit. Ware exposes something utterly human through his meticulous documentation of the ordinary, and takes us so deep into his characters’ lives that it becomes impossible to separate their struggles from our own.
Building Stories (Pantheon Graphic Library) By Chris Ware Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375424335
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Published: Pantheon - October 2nd, 2012

The Visible Man - Chuck Klosterman

Chuck Klosterman’s second novel, The Visible Man (Scribner, $25), is half science-fiction thriller and half cultural satire. It tells the story of Victoria Vick, a psychotherapist, and Y__, a patient who has developed a cloak that renders him invisible. In their sessions, Y__ recounts how he has observed people when they think they’re alone—he believes these observations reveal something essential about humanity. Victoria becomes infatuated with Y___,  a genius and real-life Invisible Man, and works to unravel the mystery of his inner life.  Is he a scientist doing important research that blurs a moral line, or is he a sick voyeur with a high IQ and an invisibility cloak? Klosterman uses his trademark wit to comment on the personal disconnect in the digital age via Y__’s many monologues, yet the book’s strength comes from Y__’s very unreliability. In the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut, Klosterman uses the fantastic not as a means to escape reality, but as a way to face it head on. 

The Visible Man: A Novel By Chuck Klosterman Cover Image
ISBN: 9781439184479
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Published: Scribner - June 5th, 2012