The Glass Sentence - S. E. Grove

In the astonishing world created by debut novelist S.E. Grove, dynamic, non-traditional maps are sought by explorers and created by “cartologers” in their attempts to make sense of a world where the continents were forced into different time periods. In this unsettled time, 13-year-old Sophia embarks with refugee Theo on a treacherous journey to find her kidnapped uncle, a renowned cartologer. Told in flawless prose, this riveting adventure is woven with themes of time, the power of memories, and the role of history. Beautifully crafted maps of the New and Unknown World of The Glass Sentence: Mapmakers, Book One (Viking, $17.99) complement this exceptional read. Ages 11-14. Mary Alice Garber

A Time to Dance - Padma Venkatraman

Shortly after Veda wins a competition for her flawless performance of Bharatanatyam, she is involved in an accident that leaves her an amputee. Fitted for a prosthesis and encouraged to retrain her body, she begins a physical and spiritual journey that will lead to A Time to Dance (Nancy Paulsen, $17.99). Inspired by the lives of dancers who have overcome physical trauma, Padma Venkatraman vividly portrays contemporary India with its traditions, religious diversity, and emphasis on family. Her use of free verse adds rich texture to the novel as it evokes the musical rhythm of the ancient South Indian dance form. Ages 12-14. Mary Alice Garber

I Kill the Mockingbird - Paul Acampora

Please move I Kill the Mockingbird (Roaring Brook, $16.99) to the top of all required reading lists. In fewer than 200 pages and with laugh-out-loud humor and memorable lines, this is the story of three best friends who, before their freshman year, turn the world of required reading on its head. What happens when all the copies of To Kill a Mockingbird are nowhere to be found? The answer lies in Paul Acampora’s delightful novel that celebrates family, friends, and the love of books. It’s a classic in the making. Ages 12-14. Mary Alice Garber