The Borrowed Hills by Scott Preston

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Set in the early 2000s, this novel follows the dire effects of foot-and-mouth disease on sheep farmers across the north of England. When Stephen Elliman and William Herne are forced to burn their flocks, their lives are plunged into chaos; they exact revenge by stealing livestock from the south of England, which triggers a stream of events--and, for the reader, a thriller, as crime begets crime. This story has a bit of everything, from the evocative landscape writing and witty dialogue of cocky characters to a grittiness that fairly stalks the pages.

The Borrowed Hills: A Novel By Scott Preston Cover Image
ISBN: 9781668050675
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Published: Scribner - June 4th, 2024

Ordinary Human Failings by Megan Nolan

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At first, this book has the feel of a murder mystery or a true crime narrative--the plot initially centers on the mysterious death of a young girl in a 1990s London housing estate. The prime suspect is another 10-year-old, the daughter of a newly arrived Irish family who are already treated as social pariahs. When a young newsman looking to make a name for himself sequesters the family in a hotel and plies them with alcohol to unearth dark secrets, what is revealed is a tale of lives unlived, with each individual a victim of circumstance. As Nolan hits the core of the fragility of the human experience her novel shows her to be a talented  young author on her way up. 

Ordinary Human Failings: A Novel By Megan Nolan Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316567787
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Published: Little, Brown and Company - February 6th, 2024

Reading the Room by Paul Yamazaki

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Any bookseller worth their salt is familiar with City Lights's Paul Yamazaki--and the rest of the reading world should be, too. So gather around and listen as he regales us with his formative years as the son of immigrants and how he became an icon of the renowned San Francisco bookshop. Yamazaki also delves into booksellers' power and duties and covers topics such as why the big five publishers aren't necessarily the villains of the book world, why the circulation of older titles Is as important as the promotion of new works, and how important it is to champion diverse voices. His memoir is a must for anyone who loves to browse the shelves.

Reading the Room: A Bookseller's Tale By Paul Yamazaki, Rick Simonson (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Paul Yamazaki, Rick Simonson (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781958846698
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Published: Ode Books - May 8th, 2024