Not to Be Missed: Fifty-Four Favorites from a Lifetime of Film - Kenneth Turan

Kenneth Turan started watching movies as a kid growing up in Brooklyn and tuned in often to the TV program “Million Dollar Movie.” As a longtime film critic for The Los Angeles Times, he’s been able to indulge his childhood interest over and over. In Not to be Missed: Fifty-four Favorites From a Lifetime of Film (PublicAffairs, $25.99), Turan takes on the challenge of choosing the movies he’s enjoyed most. Why fifty-four? You’ll have to read the book to find out. But Turan did discover that limiting the number was harder than expected. In fact, he couldn’t resist suggesting a fifty-fifth film—actually two films tied for the slot—and then he appended another list of fifty-four movies that he also treasures. Turan doesn’t only critique his picks; he also provides back stories about the making of the films, discusses the actors and directors, and mixes in some cultural context. You probably won’t agree with all his selections. That’s OK—Turan recognizes that personal tastes can play a big part in judging films. He was careful not to call his picks the best films ever, just his own favorites.

Not to Be Missed: Fifty-Four Favorites from a Lifetime of Film By Kenneth Turan Cover Image
ISBN: 9781610396318
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Published: PublicAffairs - January 5th, 2016

Martin Scorsese: A Retrospective - Tom Shone

The films of Martin Scorsese sear themselves into our collective film consciousness because they are such extreme examples of personal artistic expression. His films connect with us because they’re not aiming for the widest possible audience. They feel as though they had to be made. In Martin Scorsese: A Retrospective (Abrams, $40), Tom Shone, whose overview is the first such study to get the director’s approval, recounts Scorsese’s Little Italy upbringing and the childhood asthma that kept him off the streets and in the movie houses. From Scorsese’s first short film "What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?" through this year’s documentary on the New York Review of Books, "The 50-Year Argument", Shone tracks the artistic highs, lows ,and under-rated works that make up Scorsese’s illustrious career. Whether you can’t forget the classics like "Taxi Driver" or are hooked on his recent genre pictures this is every Scorsese fan’s must-have.

Martin Scorsese: A Retrospective By Tom Shone Cover Image
ISBN: 9781419710629
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Published: Abrams - October 7th, 2014

As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride - Cary Elwes, Joe Layden, Rob Reiner

Oh yes, you want this book. Your every fond memory of watching or reading The Princess Bride will only be magnified by this lovely volume. Narrated by Wesley/Dread Pirate Roberts himself (forgive the spoiler, but it’s been 27 years), Cary Elwes’s As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride (Touchstone, $26) is the story behind the brilliant book-to-film adaptation that set the genre’s standard. Director Rob Reiner’s introduction conveys the fresh excitement and genuine pride that runs throughout this account. Elwes retraces the film’s making with a day-by-day chronicle along with reminiscences of fellow cast members, including Robin Wright and Billy Crystal, the crew, and Bride’s author and screenwriter, William Goldman. (The actor includes one adorable moment when “Bill” Goldman is caught on film unconsciously praying under his breath during the first day of filming.) Color photos, the author’s witty commentary, and ROUS’s abound in this book for film fans in general and Bride aficionados especially. And do take a gander at the reverse of the book jacket—the special poster is all you could ever wish for.