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No book I’ve read this year has felt as alive and inventive as Zsofia Ban’s Night School, nor has any book provided me with its volume of pure pleasure. So it’s a story collection – a town loses an iconic motherly presence, Flaubert roams Egypt with a friend (or maybe more than a friend), lovers clandestinely find each other in a zoo, a diver prepares for the perfect dive – but it’s also a parody of a textbook, complete with explanatory(?) image accompaniment and tongue-in-cheek essay prompts. But not wholly tongue-in-cheek, because if Ban is a trickster, she knows whom the tricks ought to be on in order to keep the reader thinking as well as laughing.



Night School: A Reader for Grownups Cover Image
By Zsófia Bán, Jim Tucker (Translator), Péter Nádas (Afterword by)
ISBN: 9781940953885
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Published: Open Letter - January 15th, 2019

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Late in The Nocilla Trilogy, a character starts obsessing over a book by an author he's never heard of before, Paul Auster. As fragmented, non-narrative, and indescribable as these might first appear, Auster's not a bad reference to point you on your way; many plot developments recall the surreal peaks of The New York Trilogy. But more than that, just start reading and let the subliminal logic be your guide -- it'll take you from surf spots in the Spanish hinterlands to a blue-collar Brooklyn high-cuisine destination where the chef is literally "cooking the horizon" to the Nevada desert over and over again, especially one tree off "the loneliest road in America" where people have been hanging their shoes for years. It's a mad mix, but there's a method to it too that's endlessly fascinating.






The Nocilla Trilogy: Nocilla Dream, Nocilla Experience, Nocilla Lab Cover Image
ISBN: 9780374222789
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Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - February 19th, 2019

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Malte's prize-winning French epic uses a kind of overwhelming romanticism we sadly don't see that much. Its language is flowery, its characters bursting with emotion, and its scope vast. Disregard the cover for a second. This does become a war story, devastatingly so once World War One strikes, but more so it's a vision of what France looked like in the early twentieth century, as seen from the time-honored viewpoint of the un-socialized and mute "wild child" who must gradually adapt to the civilized world. With each new experience, you feel the book's tone add another register to its considerable repertoire.

The Boy: A Novel Cover Image
By Marcus Malte, Emma Ramadan (Translated by), Tom Roberge (Translated by)
ISBN: 9781632061713
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Published: Restless Books - March 26th, 2019