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Imogene has grown up against the unique backdrop of the Florida Renaissance Faire: she’s learned the ins and outs of her mother’s shoppe and her father’s acting role as a heroic knight. Now, Imogene is ready to enter into two new daring chapters of her life: finally becoming a squire to her father’s character at the festival, and trading homeschooling for the confusing world of public middle school. After a run-in with the popular crowd, Imogene soon learns that school isn’t nearly as easy to navigate as the traditional stories of heroes and villains that have surrounded her since childhood. From Roller Girl author and Newbery Honoree Victoria Jamieson comes All’s Faire in Middle School (Dial, $12.99 PB/$20.99 HB), a fast-paced, brightly illustrated graphic novel that every middle grade lad and lass will surely relate to. Ages 9-12.


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ISBN: 9780525429999
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Published: Dial Books - September 5th, 2017

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In 1982 at an orphanage named Thornhill (Roaring Brook, $19.99), Mary fills the pages of her diary with shocking accounts of her suffering at the hands of another girl who lives downstairs. Mary only feels safe in her attic bedroom, where she spends her time reading and making puppet companions. Decades later, Ella has just moved to a new home that overlooks the abandoned orphanage. No one has lived there since an orphan girl was murdered years ago—so why does Ella keep seeing a figure in the lit attic window and finding puppets in the garden? Author/illustrator Pam Smy cleverly tells Mary and Ella’s stories in alternating journal entries and plot-propelling illustrations until the girls’ worlds finally collide in an unexpected and spine-tingling twist. Ages 10-13.


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By Pam Smy, Pam Smy (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781626726543
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Published: Roaring Brook Press - August 29th, 2017

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Caleb’s autism sometimes makes it difficult for Leo to be his brother, especially when public outbursts and late-night screeching are a regular occurrence. Caleb, Leo, and their parents eventually have to move because of Caleb’s behavior towards their neighbors, and Caleb isn’t responding well to the change in routine. He begins taking his frustration out on Leo, sometimes hitting him to the point of leaving bruises. Leo begins literally running away from his problems, Running Full Tilt (Charlesbridge, $17.99) mile after mile when being around Caleb is just too much. He discovers that he’s fast, and soon Leo finds himself on the school cross country team, training hard, making friends, and spending less time with Caleb— a decision that he may soon regret when tragedy strikes. Michael Currinder’s debut novel is packed with running action perfect for every athlete, as well as relationships, drama, and emotion that will satisfy all readers. Ages 14-18.

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ISBN: 9781580898027
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Published: Charlesbridge Teen - September 5th, 2017